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Currently, EKOENERGOTECH Group specializes in the development and production of industrial exhaust systems and their components (catalytic converters and silencers of the OR-28129-EET brand, SCR systems, spark arresters, etc.). Our products and systems can be used on internal combustion engines of various types, a wide range of power and a range of applications (generator stations/installations, special equipment and other equipment with industrial internal combustion engines) of any manufacturers represented on the Russian market. The products manufactured by us are often installed instead of foreign equipment that does not fully meet the Customer's requirements. Systems and products manufactured by EKOENERGOTECH Group are periodically supplied to our partners abroad. The company's path to leadership among Russian manufacturers of catalytic converters and silencers began in 2005 with the creation of a division in the GOSNITI FSBI, which included scientists, designers and production workers. DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT The experience of our technical specialists allows us to solve any problems when developing new products for us, at all stages - from pre-design work to mass production. The products are developed in full compliance with all requirements imposed by Customers. We are continuously working to improve product quality and increase its efficiency. The improvement of production technology allows us to guarantee high quality products, as well as reduce the cost and production time. production The products are manufactured in accordance with the specifications developed by us, registered by the Federal State Institution "Rostest-Moscow" and have all the necessary certificates. We have all the necessary modern equipment to manufacture our products. The materials used in the production of our products and supplied by leading Russian manufacturers undergo mandatory input quality control. The Technical Control Department of EKOENERGOTECH Group carries out 100% quality control of our products. At the same time, compliance with the technological processes of production and compliance of products with the requirements of technological, as well as design documentation, which is necessarily agreed with the Customer, is checked.
  • Equipment for gas piston and diesel generators, engines
  • Engineering services for energy fields
  • Electrical equipment. Cable systems
  • Indastrial engines
  • Compressors
  • Auxiliary engineering equipment for boiler stations
  • Diesel, petrol, and gas piston generators, cogeneration units
  • Industrial boilers


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