Modern Bakery Moscow | Confex 2023

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Forma Makina San. A. S.

Forma Makina has emerged in 1989 firstly with a unique packaging machine design. It has become a success story among different industries relying on the understanding of business that centralize the passion on perfection.
  • 7.8 Machines for the production of wafers
  • 11 Manufacturing lines for baked goods and pastry products
  • 16.1 Packaging lines


Russian Federation
Abat is the leading Russian manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment for public catering enterprises. Abat brand produces a wide range of equipment allowing to set up and stock any type of HoReCa businesses such as restaurants, cafés, pizzerias, bakeries, confectioneries, canteens, catering...
  • 2.3 Shelves/racks
  • 2.7 Refrigerators
  • 3.9 Equipment for the preparation of liquid egg mixtures


Russian Federation
LLC Agro-Prom-Holod is a modern factory of industrial food equipment for the bakery industry. We produce: --Spiral conveyors for freezing, cooling and fermentation of products -Gravity descents, transfer helicopters, start-stop systems for receiving bread and bakery products from the oven. -St...
  • 2.7 Refrigerators
  • 3.10 Water treatment equipment
  • 3.13 Cooling and tempering machines


Russian Federation
AIR-BAKE supplies food processing equipment for enterprises of various sizes - from local confectioneries and dark kitchens to industrial bakeries. Range of products: - dosing machines; - depositing machines; - rotary and deck ovens; - cake lines; - molding machines; - fryers; - food pum...
  • 2.2 Weighing equipment
  • 2.8 Receptacles (silos, hoppers, tanks, reservoirs, containers)
  • 2.9 Sifters


Russian Federation
Manufacturer since 1991 of metal conveyors, spiral conveyors, glazing nets, conveyor equipment and components for the food industry.
  • 13.1 Equipment for primary processing of cocoa beans
  • 13.2 Equipment for the production of cocoa butter and cocoa powder
  • 13.3 Equipment for the production of semi-finished chocolate

Alke Muhendislik Makine San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.

With our team developing qualified business relationships on a global scale and fostering a culture of innovation, we always expect to be “one step ahead” in our report.
  • 7.14 Glazing machines
  • 13.3 Equipment for the production of semi-finished chocolate
  • 13.4 Equipment for the production of chocolate and chocolate products


Russian Federation
Supplier of industrial accessories: Adjustable Handles, Clamps, Rubber Buffers, Feet, Lock Pins. More than 5K items in stock in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg with door-to-door delivery.
  • 6.3 Accessories, equipment and instrumentation
  • 8.1 Shelves for baking and storage
  • 8.2 Conveyor belts and systems


Russian Federation
We are engaged in the production of clipping machines "Molniya", as well as bread slicing machines "Lavina"
  • 7.24 Equipment for cutting pastry products
  • 16.5 Equipment for products cutting
  • 16.9 Bag clipping machines

Angel Yeast Rus

Russian Federation
Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, founded in 1986, is a listed high-tech yeast company in China, which is specialized in the production of yeast and yeast derivatives. Angel Yeast has 10 international advanced production bases in China, Egypt and Russia.
  • 1 Ingredients for the production of baked goods, pastries and sugar confectionery products
  • 1.1 Basic ingredients
  • 1.1.3 Baking yeast

ANKE Packing Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009, ANKE Packing Co., Ltd. is the leader enterprise in Box packing industry. At ANKE Packing, we specialize in custom packaging. As part of our team of packaging experts, product designers, and engineers, we strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. As a manufacturer, we...
  • 16.11 Paper, cellophane, film materials, cardboard, parchment, foil, bags, boxes
  • 16.12 Packaging, accessories, packaging decoration
  • 16.13 Other packaging items


Since 1998, APM has aimed to be the chief architect behind the tastes presented to the last consumers in all hotels, restaurants, markets, cafes, bakeries and pastries in the world. Our aim is: from palnning to procurement, from distribution to import and export, to manage all stages from a single ...
  • 1.2.3 Milk and milk products
  • 1.2.4 Eggs and egg products
  • 1.2.7 Oil seeds and nuts

Arcxo Group, LLC

Russian Federation
Equipment for the bakery industry: Packaging and slicing machines GHD Hartmann (Germany); Flowpack packaging machines IMA Record SPA (Italy); Packaging lines PATTYN Bakery Division SAS (France); Filling equipment SR-pack A/S (Denmark); Washing lines Pohjaranta Oy (Finland); Food production mac...
  • 5.5 Equipment for proofing dough
  • 5.6.3 Dough forming machines
  • 5.7 Equipment for freezing dough pieces

Aromatik JLLC

JLLC Aromatik (ISO 22000) is a Belarusian manufacturer of flavors, flavor bases, fruit preparations since 1993. We produce goods for all sphere of the food industry. Our specialists have experience in developing unique products that will impress even the most demanding customer.
  • 1.2.9 Fillings, icing, confectionery pastes
  • 1.2.13 Baking mixes
  • 1.2.14 Confectionery mixes

Art-Co, LLC

Russian Federation
Active development of the company began during the economic crisis of 2014. Sanctions on imported fillings and fillers made it possible to increase production by 80%. Today, the company"Art-Ko" LLC: 1 / Innovation and research laboratory, which allows you to analyze the consumer market and develop ...
  • 1.2.9 Fillings, icing, confectionery pastes
  • 1.2.15 Sourdough and acidifiers

August Borg IAC

Russian Federation
Free of charge information books “Modern packaging and labeling”, “All printing Moscow + Russia”, “Suppliers of printing materials and equipment”. Information on packaging, labeling, printing and souvenirs companies. Since 1996. Free publication
  • 21.13 Publishing / Trade publications

Baker &Confectioner, a trade magazine

It would be a great pleasure for the Baker & Confectioner magazine to render assistance to manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products, suppliers of equipment and tools, raw materials and ingredients, packaging and everything needed for bakery and confectionery industriesto function successfu...
  • 21 Service and information
  • 21.11 Advertising
  • 21.13 Publishing / Trade publications

Bakery Academy NIIHP

Russian Federation
Baking Academy is an innovative technological platform for training and advanced training of specialists in bakery enterprises. Curricula include theoretical and practical blocks that allow you to cover the full range of knowledge, skills and abilities - from the basics to the expert level. The cent...
  • 21.14 Organizations / Unions and associations / Institutions
  • 21.15 Ask the Experts
  • Bread from rye flour and a mixture of different varieties of flour

Bang & Bonsomer LLC

Russian Federation
BANG & BONSOMER is a leading supplier of food ingredients and process solutions. Our portfolio for the confectionery and bakery industry includes: starches, gum, pectins, carrageenans, gelatine, prebiotics, dietary fiber, sweeteners, coconut ingredients, vegetable proteins, beta glucan, functional i...
  • 1.2.12 Starch
  • 1.3.2 Emulsifiers (surface active agents)
  • 1.3.3 Stabilizers (food thickeners, fillers)


Russian Federation
BASIS is a manufacturer of simple and reliable packaging equipment for various of food and non-food industry fields. «BASIS» integrated packaging lines are reliable solutions, proven by many clients. The lines are based on cartoners, vertical packaging machines and auxiliary equipment. All equ...
  • 16.1 Packaging lines
  • 16.2 Packaging machines
  • 16.3 Charging devices for packaging machines

BBM Magazine

BBM Magazine, is a publication whose first issue was published in January 2012 by Parantez Media aims to represent the bakery, biscuits and pasta sector especially in the international arena. BBM Magazine, which is published in Turkish and English monthly and also can be followed digitally all aroun...
  • 21 Service and information
  • 21.13 Publishing / Trade publications