Russian Federation
Pav. 1, 1C15
We have been working on the Russian market for 30 years. Our main task is good sound. We are engaged in equipping theaters, concert halls, universities and museums, churches and cathedrals, conference halls and office centers. Our pros: Bureau of Acoustical Researching within the company. In rooms with poor acoustics, even expensive and high-quality equipment will not reveal its potential. Contact BAR at the initial stage of construction or reconstruction: our engineers will take the necessary measurements, make calculations and give recommendations on noise insulation, finishing materials and the shape of the room. The computer model, which is built in the EASE program, can simulate the behavior of the sound reinforcement system much more accurately than calculators that calculate from direct sound. Aris still supplies RCF (Italy) and Cloud Electronics (UK) brands directly from Europe, offering users the usual system approach, fast delivery, direct contact with the manufacturer and authorized service. Our specialists are ready to carry out commissioning and training. We produce projects of P and R stages and are members of SRO. That is why our slogan is: "We control sound. With a guarantee", because we can take control of all factors affecting the sound at your facility.
  • Sound recording
  • Conference and communication technology
  • Professional Audio equipment
  • Professional sound equipment, amplification, linearrays



Russian Federation, 117519, Moscow, Kirivogradskaya st, 22

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