Chengdu Jin Rui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Chengdu Jinrui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. It is a large-scale construction machine industry in China. It has a comprehensive range of products and a wide range of services. It focuses on research, production of concrete and mortar weighing, mixing, conveying and other complete equipment. enterprise.   Jinrui Construction Co., Ltd. has one of the few large-scale professional precision complete processing equipments and professional lost foam production lines in the industry. It has established a standard wear-resistant material analysis and testing room, and has a complete and strict ISO9001:2008 quality management system, which can effectively Control and guarantee the quality of the product from design to production. Jinrui people are committed to the high reliability and the best cost performance of various products in use, and have created a number of utility model patents, which are praised by the majority of cooperative users. At present, in the western region, the comprehensive strength of production capacity and performance ranks first, ranking the top ten in the country. Jinrui people are sitting in the middle and high-end market of complete sets of equipment such as weighing, mixing and conveying concrete and mortar. The product line is spread all over the country, in large and medium-sized projects such as subways, hydropower, railways, highways, airports, dams, bridges and high-rise buildings. It has been widely used and exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and other regions, and has been widely praised by users at home and abroad.
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